effect® music tour featuring Natalia Kills

effect® the High Quality Energy Drink escorted Natalia Kills by her tour through 7 of the largest Russian cities. The effect® music tour impress with a crazy, wild and interactive show of the star. Natalia Kills performed some of her well-known songs and some new songs from the brandnew album “Trouble”.


At this music tour, effect® was presented by large roll-up banners, promotion material and other lovely printed forms of advertising.


Additional attention for the number 1 energy drink developed in germany was gained through enormous scale media campaigns accompanying the tour at local magazines, outdoor billboards, posters and banners.


800 radio spots at Radio NRJ supported the hip tour. Also the official websites and facebook pages of Natalia Kills and effect® and the effect® presence at the Russian social network VK.com assisted.


If you want to find out more about the effect® music tour featuring Natalia Kills, than follow the links:





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