SCAVI & RAY Limoncello fresh from the Gulf of Naples

Limoncello – Italians’ favourite – now available from SCAVI & RAY. SCAVI & RAY LIMONCELLO is a fruity-sweet premium lemon liqueur, which originated in the Gulf of Naples and transports the Italian lifestyle directly to the palates of connoisseurs.


Limoncello is the number 1 “on the house” digestive in Italian gastronomy and is also becoming increasingly popular in private households. The well-known lemon liqueur awakens holiday memories and tastes refreshingly fruity. During production, SCAVI & RAY Limoncello undergoes a multi-stage gentle process, at the end of which the liqueur is filtered once again. With an alcohol content of 25 % vol. it is enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif, straight on ice, in combination with Prosecco or as a base for cocktails and desserts.


SCAVI & RAY Limoncello has a fruity taste of fresh lemon with a subtle sweetness and slight bitter nuances. The bouquet also smells of fresh, intense citrus fruit with accentuated bitter notes. The recipe follows a traditional Neapolitan recipe from the 19th century and consists of 100 percent natural ingredients. The colouring is therefore rather natural cloudy and light yellow, as fresh lemon peel is used and no artificial colouring. This makes SCAVI & RAY Limoncello particularly fresh and fruity – each bottle is unique.



– Container: 0.7l glass bottle with screw cap

– Alcohol content: 25% vol.

– perfect serving temperature: below 8 °C

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