effect® is THE growth driver in the energy drink sector. Clear, no-nonsense design, a unique and wide range of pack sizes, the unwavering pursuit of strategic objectives and innovative, trendy products all contribute to the success of the effect® brand. Nobody can ignore the energizer with the distinctive red dots, because the motto is: no effect without effect®.


Number two on the German energy drink market
Annual sales volume growth exceeds 30 per cent
Exported to more than 56 countries worldwide
High level of customer loyalty e.g. with innovative app
Sugar-free version also available



    effect®classiczero sugarfreePUSHDVOLTAGEPUSHD ZEROGRAVITY
    Case (24 x 0,2l Bottle)
    Tray (24 x 0,5l Can)
    Tray (24 x 0,33l Can)
    Tray (12 x 0,33l Can)
    Case (24 x 0,25l Can)
    Shrinkpack (6 x 1,0l Pet)
    Case (12 x 1,0l Pet Cycle)
    Bag in Box (20l Carton)
    KEG (20l)
    1l PET Logicycle / 1/4 Chep Display (96 Bottles)
    0,33l Can / 1/4 Chep Display (288 Cans)
    Ice Sticks 10 x 0,04l