The Dictador Experience is exceptional, international and has already collected many awards. Old Colombian traditions, combined with innovative European and Japanese design, create the perfect aged rum, which convinces through taste and appearance. But that’s not all – in addition to spirits, Dictador’s premium portfolio offers the connoisseur cigars and exclusive espresso. All products are perfectly matched to each other to create the ultimate pairing.


Made from Virgin Sugar Cane Honey (fresh sugar cane juice)
The distillation is carried out in copper stills and steel columns (the continuous distillation process) to create our trademark, a medium-strength rum
Stored in special Solera system
No added sugar or colouring agents
High-quality stored brown spirit
Several international jurors convinced and numerous medals received
Great notes of cocoa, honey, chocolate, tobacco and coffee
Ideal for drinking pure, but also suitable for classic cocktails



    DICTADOR6 x 0,7l Glass
    Rum 12 Yo
    Rum 20 Yo
    Rum XO Perpetual
    Rum XO Insolent
    Rum Claro
    Rum Amber
    Rum Orange
    Rum Cafe
    Apasionada Best Of 1977
    Extremo Best Of 1987