The Dictador Experience is exquisite, international and a prize-winner. Colombian traditions meet innovative European and Japanese design to make the perfect rum and gin whose tasting notes and appearance are totally satisfying. And if that wasn’t enough, the premium Dictador brand portfolio includes cigars and espresso for the gourmets. The product range complements itself nicely.


Made from the fermentation of unique virgin sugar cane honey (fresh sugar cane juice)
Distilled in copper stills and stainless steel alembics (consistent distillation process) to create a medium-bodied trademark blended rum
Aged in the unique Solera System
No sugar or colour additives
Premium storage of brown spirit
Has satisfied international juries and received many medals
Aromas of roasted honey, pure vanilla, royal toffee, mature oak and parfait caramel
The long rich finish can be enjoyed straight or in cocktails


First gin in the world made from sugar cane
The oak barrel ageing from the Dictador rum lends the gin an even stronger character
Colombian gin based on the recipe by Dario Parra, the company’s former president
The symphony of berries, botanicals, peels, tangerine-lemon and spices lend the Colombian gin an intimate taste profile



    DICTADOR6 x 0,7l Glass
    Rum 12 Yo
    Rum 20 Yo
    Rum XO Perpetual
    Rum XO Insolent
    Rum Claro
    Rum Amber
    Rum Orange
    Rum Cafe
    Ortodoxy Gin
    Treasure Gin
    Apasionada Best Of 1977
    Extremo Best Of 1987