From the on-trade industry

We are a specialist supplier of creative marketing solutions and successful brand management. Our in-depth knowledge of the on-trade business helps us to ensure that our brand presence on the scene is always an emotional experience. This is the true home of the MBG Group brands. This is where their journey begins. This is where success starts. Our brands can be found on the menu at 66 per cent of top German trend on-trade locations, where their great taste ensures a high turnover.


To the off-trade market

Perfectly staged presence on the nightlife scene creates unique brand experiences that cross over to the retail market. MBG Group brands are on sale at over 50,000 food retail outlets. More than 3,000 specialist off-licences and over 12,000 petrol stations stock our successful brands. Our specialists provide all-round brand support to ensure outstanding results for the off-trade..


Always for the consumer

The MBG premium brands can be enjoyed at any time: at a bar, a club or a restaurant, or in the comfort of the consumer’s own home. Our brands are becoming a firm fixture in the lives of a constantly growing number of consumers – who are also our fans.