MBG wins distribution of the ninth largets gin in the world

MBG adds Puerto de Indias, the ninth largest gin brand in the world, to its portfolio. The Puerto de Indias gin was launched in 2013 and, according to the International Wines and Spirits Record (IWSR), today ranks as the ninth largest gin brand. The unique selling point is “Strawberry Gin” with a natural strawberry taste.


MBG has won the exclusive distribution rights for the Puerto de Indias gins – “Strawberry” and “Pure Black Edition – Dry” – in Germany. “Strawberry Gin” is not only the first of its kind, but also the world’s best-selling gin in this field. The sweet and at the same time wild aroma of strawberry and juniper appeals to every consumer looking for a light and diversified flavour. The “Pure Black Edition” is a composition of fresh flavours such as orange, lemon and the classic juniper gin taste with fresh spring flowers like orange blossom, vanilla and jasmine.


The quality of the gin distillates from Puerto de Indias is the result of a decision to use only the finest raw materials. The strawberries, plants and spices used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected in different geographical areas in an effort to obtain a truly first-class product.


Puerto de Indias is a premium gin manufactured in Carmona (Seville) in one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in the province of Andalusia, dating back to 1880. Its name – translated: gateway to India – relates to the discovery of America. An era in which Seville became one of the principal trading ports for the exchange of goods between Spain and the New World.


Puerto de Indias ranks 9th among the world’s most successful gins
Puerto de Indias is the ninth largest gin brand in the world based on sales. In Spain, the gin is already in fourth place of all top gins and, according to Nielsen (MAT 08/18), the fastest growing gin brand. Puerto de Indias is now set to conquer further international markets. In Germany, MBG has been chosen as an experienced partner. MBG is familiar with the distribution of internationally famous premium beverages. In 1995, the corporation took over the exclusive import rights from Miller Genuine Draft and in recent years has also held the rights to Orangina, Perrier and Almdudler in Germany.

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