MBG signs distribution agreement with KINDSCHI SOEHNE AG

Effective January 1st, MBG has signed a distribution agreement for the Switzerland market with KINDSCHI SOEHNE AG. KINDSCHI which has recently been bought by Marussia Beverages – owned by the German-Swedish Pharma Billionaire Frederik Paulsen – will take over the national distribution rights for the MBG brands SCAVI & RAY, DOS MAS and SALITOS.


The Marussia Beverages Group is an international producer and distributor of wines, sakes and spirits, with a turnover of 220 million Euro. Present directly in twelve countries, the company gathers nine production sites and twelve distribution companies including KINDSCHI SOEHNE AG. Besides companies like e.g. Schlumberger PLC or Kleiner Klopfer, Marussia Beverages owns several powerful distribution companies in the USA, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands.


Founded in 1860, today KINDSCHI SOEHNE AG is the largest distillery in Graubünden, Switzerland, producing and distributing a range of specialities, such as a variety of liqueurs, most notably “Röteli” cherry liqueur”, as well as the hazelnut liqueur, small-batch whisky and gin.


The contract has been signed for five years, starting from 1st January 2020 and ending on 31st December 2024. To further strengthen this cooperation Andreas W. Herb, CEO of the MBG Group, accepted to join the board of the KINDSCHI SOEHNE AG in Zurich.

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