MBG Group acquires Meyer‘s Bitter

The Paderborn-based beverage group massively enhances its know-how in spirits


MBG International Premium Brands GmbH has massively enhanced its know-how in spirits with the acquisition of the Stadthagen-based liqueur maker E. Eduard Meyer GmbH from the Schwarze Schlichte company, headquartered in the town of Oelde. MBG began building its spirits division five years ago, since when this business unit has grown thanks to the success of the company’s own brands Three Sixty Vodka, Scavi & Ray Grappa, Dos Mas Tequila and, most recently, Sears Gin. Now the group has further strengthened its key Bitter division with the acquisition of the herb liqueur brand Meyer’s Bitter. There will be a drive to raise the international profile of this brand via MBG UK, MBG Middle East and MBG North America.


“The acquisition of the long-established German brand Meyer’s Bitter enhances our know-how in the spirits market. Our partners in non-European countries in particular have been pushing for a strong spirit brand in the bitter segment – and thanks to our acquisition of the original herb spirit we are now well placed to satisfy this request“, says Andreas W. Herb, Managing Director of the MBG Group.


Since 1999 the brand had been owned by the Schwarze & Schlichte GmbH & Co. KG company, based in the Westphalian town of Oelde. Three years ago MBG acquired a 50 per cent stake in E. Eduard Meyer GmbH, and this deal marks the logical next step to boost the international presence of a business that has performed extremely well to date. “Our goal is to achieve sales of one million bottles of Meyer’s Bitter in the next five years“, emphasises Herb. To this end a major offensive will get underway in the German catering industry over the next year based on the practical Meyer’s Bitter machines.


Bitter is better
For more than six generations, the full-bodied herb liqueur MEYER´S BITTER has been masterfully distilled according to a closely-guarded traditional recipe from more than 40 carefully selected herbs and roots. The original recipe was first written down by the drink’s inventor E. Eduard Meyer in 1853, since when it has remained unchanged. No other brand offers the same blend of classic values and modern drinks culture as MEYER´S BITTER. The drink is available in two varieties: “German Woodland and Field Herbs Liqueur” and “German Alpine Herbs Bitter“.


Meyer’s Bitter has been awarded the gold medal on numerous occasions at the International Spirits Competition thanks to its outstanding taste and exceptional quality. This herb liqueur is still made in accordance with the original recipe created in 1855 and is a long-established presence in the catering sector.



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