The first MBG Edition for the THREE SIXTY VODKA brand offers the following items of furniture: Lounge and Lounge 45/55/75/105 provide a choice of tables of different heights and with a variety of fittings. Indirect lighting in the tabletop is used instead of a conventional table lamp.  The Multitalent Cube is not only a side table, but also an impressive indoor or outdoor light installation as well as a versatile seat. Then there are Plantpot and Cooler, two accessories that combine flexibility and functionality.

Plantpot is the perfect display opportunity for bamboo, orchids or small shrubs.  It can be filled with water, soil or granulate, is rainproof and fitted with a battery. The attractive 90 cm tall champagne chiller Cooler looks perfect when placed next to side tables, but is an equally eye-catching stand-alone in any restaurant or bar setting. The RGB-LED lamp from Moree is dimmable, and changes colour at the touch of a button on the remote control unit included.



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