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effect® VODKA & AÇAÍ: the new premix of the best-selling Energy & Vodka premix

A new Ready-To-Drink variant with effect® BLACK AÇAÍ and the successful premium vodka from 9 MILE is now being launched on the market.


The “Ready-to-Drink” (RTD) market has developed dynamically in recent years and is becoming increasingly important. The High Quality Energy Drink effect® also discovered the opportunities in this segment early on and launched the first premix with Vodka & Energy in 2010. Today, effect® ranks fourth among all mixed spirit drinks without cola and is therefore the leading premix with an energy drink component. To push the segment even further, effect® is now launching another RTD variant with the fruity effect® BLACK AÇAÍ and 9 MILE Vodka in the practical 0.33 litre can – effect® VODKA & AÇAÍ.


Mixed spirit drinks without cola – Turnover converted


  Top-Seller mixed drinks without cola (Total) Turnover converted (0,7 litres)
1 GORBATSCHOW 2.192.086
2 GORDON’S 2.184.026
3 JACK DANIEL’S 1.755.432
4 EFFECT 1.284.406
5 JIM BEAM 843.966
6 GOLDBERG & SONS 787.808
7 SMIRNOFF 682.219
8 PITU 681.968

Source: The Nielsen Company, Total Market without private label brands: LEH + DM + C&C + TAN, Moving Annual Total until KW 09/2020


The effect® energy drink with the açaí berry tastes fruity and is reminiscent of cranberry and wild berries. In combination with 9 MILE Vodka, the main aromas of effect® BLACK AÇAÍ are brought even more to the surface. The alcohol content of the premix cans is 10 percent.


Both RTD cans are convincing in terms of taste and appearance: the cans are designed in the typical effect® design. 15 striking red or red-silver dots adorn the dark cans. The varieties differ from one another in their clear lettering and colouring.

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