MAHIKI Can Cocktail

Booming Segment: MAHIKI White Coconut RTD-Cocktails

The exotic MAHIKI White Coconut was just released two month ago. Available for retail sale as from July, the brand new coconut liqueur now launches two new cocktails as Ready-to-Drink variants MAHIKI White Coconut Piña Colada and Coconut Cherry.


MAHIKI brings an exotic holiday feeling into the can with the new MAHIKI premix cocktails – in line with the Tiki trend. “Dream of white beaches with gently waving palm leaves, the ocean blue sea and the beach bar within your own four walls. A relaxed trip to the South Pacific without leaving the city is exactly what consumers are looking for, especially in these times,” explains Cord Hendryck Vinke, Marketing Director of the MBG Group. Tiki cocktails like MAHIKI Ready-to-Drinks (RTD) – refined with fruit juices and rum or liqueurs – are sweet, fruity and playful. The MAHIKI White Coconut is creamy-mild and therefore the ideal basis for the two new RTD varieties. The service-ready cocktails have an alcohol content of 4.5 percent.


With a fine pineapple-coconut note, a light rum note and a soft finish, the Piña Colada premix tastes like freshly mixed. The Coconut Cherry is also well-balanced with its fine cherry note.


The demand for coconut liqueurs is also high: More than 3.18 million bottles were sold in German retail outlets alone in 2018 (source: Nielsen 2018, LEH + DM + C&C) – all year round. Because there is no seasonality in this segment, coconut liqueurs are in demand all year long. “The RTD market has also been growing at double-digit rates for over two years. Thus, our product range expansion from MAHIKI is the answer to two trends at once – coconut liqueurs and RTDs”, says Cord Hendryck Vinke. Last year alone, sales of the top brands in all RTD categories – alcoholic mixed drinks with cola, without cola and wine-based mixed drinks – increased by 18.8 percent. Mixed drinks without cola are the fastest-growing segment in the RTD category with 32.5 percent (source: The Nielsen Company, LEH + DM + C&C + TAN, MAT 09/2020). By the end of the year, retailers and experts anticipate that these figures will continue to rise. A double-digit growth rate is also forecast for the coming year.


The high-quality MAHIKI White Coconut RTDs in the 250 ml can are strikingly colourful with Caribbean style elements according to the Tiki trend.

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