The natural caffeine kick


The intelligent way to refresh yourself

AQUA GYM is still water enriched with caffeine. At 18 mg per 100 ml, caffeine water is a refreshing alternative to coffee for sport or at night. The sports cap makes the bottle easy to open with one hand. This makes AQUA GYM a simple form of refreshment for all physical activities – especially when out and about.


Energises with 18 mg caffeine per 100 ml

No calories

0 kcal – no calories to speak of

No sugar

0 g sugar – sugar-free alternative for sport

Smart mineral water

Quench your thirst and stay awake

The caffeinated natural mineral water boasts a host of advantages. AQUA GYM caffeine water has no calories, no sugar and no colourings and therefore works without any unnatural ingredients. With 18 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of water, it is guaranteed to keep everyone awake, fit and full of energy while also reliably quenching their thirst.

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