9 MILE VODKA – New Super Premium Vodka from MBG

MBG Group launches its new super premium vodka brand. The new product, 9 MILE VODKA, will be introduced to one strategic market after another, including Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Spain and Hong Kong.


9 MILE VODKA – Granite Rock Filtrated – is a first-class product, distilled several times and filtered through granite rock for outstanding quality and absolute purity. MBG has amassed more than 15 years of development and marketing experience in the vodka market, so the company has the necessary expertise to turn this new product into another winning brand.


The story of 9 MILE VODKA began as a result of a road trip in Utah, USA. In particular, a visit to Nine Mile Canyon and learning about its history inspired the packaging of the premium vodka product, which pays homage to the fascinating geography of this part of the USA. First, the satinised “Granite Rock” surface finish of the bottle recalls the unique landscape of eastern Utah, with its deep clefts and angular rock formations. Second, the dark blue pewter-look label conjures up associations with the dark nights in the canyon and Nine Mile Creek. The copper decoration of bottle capsule and label embossing evokes both the orange-brown colour of the terrain and the pinkish marbled surface of the granite rock hidden in the depths of the canyon.


This premium vodka is made from high-quality ingredients, crystal-clear water and carefully selected grain varieties. 9 MILE VODKA flows through granite rock during the manufacturing process, a unique filtration method which gives the 37.5% ABV drink its mild, authentic taste. Granite Rock Filtrated: a production process developed specially by MBG to ensure the absolute purity of its new vodka.


International vodka market

After selling Three Sixty Vodka, the brand it had invented in 2005, MBG Group is returning to this important global growth segment with 9 MILE VODKA. In 2019 the international vodka market grew by some 2.8 per cent to a volume of around 41 billion euros, which will increase to 47 billion euros by 2023 according to the latest forecasts. Turnover growth was positive in Germany, too, rising by 1.9 per cent to around 1.26 billion euros (Source: STATISTA). MBG, one of Germany’s largest groups in the beverage manufacturing and development industry, is now launching its own brand of vodka again: 9 MILE VODKA.

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